Sound Source Competition – Episode 1

Sound Source Competition

After a loooooong time working on the Close Call project, I decided I would do something fun.

Once in a while I will post an audio clip on my blog and it is up to you guys to guess what the original sound source was/is.

The first person who sounds off (pun intended) in the comments with the correct answer will win the full, extended audio file in 96kHz 24bit WAV format.

For those tricky sounds that no one is able to identify, if by the time I post the next clip no one has answered correctly, there will be a roll over where the winner of the next sound will receive both audio files.

I tend to be quite busy but I will try to post once a week.


  • You can guess as many times as you like.
  • Be specific! The more specific you are the better chance of winning you will have over those who are not. For example “Bullet impact” would lose out to “Bullet impact on wood”
  • No unfair use of jam, or jam related items.

Here is the first sound – Good Luck.

Alternate download link for those having streaming issues:

Sound Source – 1 Download


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